100 Brushes a Day: Is It Even Okay?

Beautiful HairThe key towards shiny and beautiful hair varies from one person to another. For some, it is overdosing in shampoo and conditioner; others consider regular salon visits as the ultimate cure. But there is also the age-old hair care tactic our grandmothers, mums and even oldest sisters follow: the 100 Strokes a Day hair care.

There was a time when ladies thought you can achieve lustrous hair with just a hundred strokes. It is an old-age tradition that seems helpful. But in reality, brushing a hundred times might do more damage than good to your hair.

Keeping It 100: The Origin

According to Kent.velvut.com, provider of quality hairbrushes, brushing one too many times was beneficial during the earlier years. Since long hair was a trend, girls had to brush their hair regularly to avoid split ends and tangles. Hairstyles were long, very thick, and had an equal mix of coloured strands.

Also, women used to wash their hair less than once a week (in some cases, even less than that). Because they did not wash their hair often, natural oils would build up. Brushing the hair a hundred times distributed the oils on the scalp.

Old school hairdressers still promote the 100-stroke a day routine, believing it is the secret to hair rejuvenation. But is it what your hair really needs?

How Much is Enough?

Today, brushing your hair a hundred times is not as effective. In terms of hair care, the beauty industry underwent an evolution that headed the opposite direction. Girls enjoy doing too much to their locks — colour it with the shades of the rainbow, regular blow-drying, and straightening.

Excessive stimulation (like brushing) destroys the hair’s cuticle (the protective covering). In the end, your hair mats and tangles, resulting in a duller and weaker crowning glory.

Brush the Right Way

Keep your hair healthy by keeping the brushing to a minimum. Remember, a hundred brushes results in split ends and encourages hair loss. If you want to comb frequently, do so gently. Remove the tangles first by starting at the bottom. Once you remove them, continue brushing with long strokes — beginning from the scalp towards the tips.

You do not need a hundred brushes for beautiful hair. Spare yourself from unnecessary stress and tangles by keeping it to a minimum.