3 Things You Don’t Want to Spill in Your Car

September 26, 2016

Car interiors are one of the hardest to clean. Even if you only spilled water, your car interiors are susceptible to mould growth. Many car owners are protective of their vehicles that they do not […]

Marketing Daily

Website Ads: The Death of Your Site and SEO?

September 22, 2016

Google recently announced its plans to remove AdSense’s three-ads-per-page limit. Their decision, reports the search engine giant, stems from the ‘mobile first strategy’, which reminded them of the desktop’s limits in space and user interaction. […]

The Big Picture

The Power of the Unique Selling Proposition

September 16, 2016

Is your brand recognisable when someone sees it? Can someone associate certain items with your products? If the answer to these questions is a resounding yes, then you did an excellent job of creating a […]

Marketing Daily

3 Ways to Do Branding Right

September 9, 2016

Branding is one of the ideal ways for businesses to build their unique identity in the hopes of reaching a wider audience. When you strengthen your image through branding successfully, you’ll be more recognizable as […]

Economy News

3 SEO Techniques Every Newbie Must Know and Apply

September 2, 2016

Search engine optimization is a complicated technique. However, it’s still necessary to learn to do it correctly because it can be a source of many leads and sales for your business website. If you’re just starting out and […]