3 Ideas for Businesses You Can Start at Home

Graphic Artist in AustraliaThe number of people who are choosing to stay at home instead of going to a regular office or some other workplace to make a living is growing. The reasons may differ:

  • To stay closer to family and take care of kids or elderly loved ones
  • To avoid traffic
  • To save on the commute
  • To avoid public transportation if you do not have your own car
  • Medical reasons or physical disabilities and limitations
  • To avoid other people (some cannot handle crowds or public places)
  • Living in a place too far from any job you like or are qualified for

Whatever your reason for not wanting to literally ‘go to work’ any more, there is nothing to stop you from working at home. Some jobs are better done in a formal workspace, but many jobs can be done at home; some can be done practically anywhere. Here are some ideas:

Nail Salon

This is a good business to start at home. It is advisable to have a separate salon area. Even your garage is a good candidate. If you have the money, converting or building something into a real salon on your property is even better. As you can get wholesale nail supplies any time through online stores in Australia, you do not have to leave home to buy what you need to start your business.

Graphic Artist

Many graphic designers and artists already work from home. Now that the Internet has become a powerful marketing tool, there is no reason you should not consider this career if you have the talent. Even if you work only with computers, it is easier to set up your work area. One small nook with a door you can lock so you can focus is all you need. Of course, you will need a capable computer and fast Internet access. Be sure to build a website so clients can easily find you.

Neighbourhood Pub

You can do this business at home if the local council and your homeowners’ association allow this set up in your neighbourhood. You do not need a large place; you can convert your garage or your shed into a tiny pub. The appeal is in the ‘tininess’, simplicity and friendliness of your bar.

There are so many options when you do not want to leave home just to operate a business. Besides, if others can be successful doing it, so can you. It just takes determination and hard work.