3 Spot-On Reasons Security Guards are Way Better Than Devices

Security GuardsThe influx of modern and advanced security system is a welcome development that should make any manager of a restricted facility happy. However, such systems can never replace the benefits provided by physical security guard.

Ask any CCTV camera or security alarm manufacturer, which is better, a physical security or their product and obviously, their product would win easily. That is, if they are to be asked. But, you might be surprised that many officers of major companies prefer having a physical security rather than rely on systems that can easily be compromised. These are some of the reasons why having a physical security is way better than simply installing monitoring equipment for your company.

Instant Response

Imagine having a CCTV camera and burglar alarm monitoring your facilities round the clock. Supposing an intruder attempts to break into your facility. This would set the alarm off and CCTVs would be recording the intrusion. But that’s about it. Unless the police would arrive there in a flash, there’s really nothing you can do except to watch as the scene unfolds. With the presence of security guards, they can immediately spring into action and implement the best response against such break-ins.

Emergency Responders

If you think security guards are just for intruders, well, think again. Take for instance the security guards in Australia; part of their security courses training is to provide an appropriate response to natural and man-made emergencies. Among the responsibilities of security guards are to ensure that lives and properties are adequately protected in case of accidental, natural or malicious emergencies.

A Living Scarecrow

There’s no point in denying it because it’s true, security gadgets can be hacked and tampered with. This has been proven several times by experts who continuously warn manufacturers that their devices can be hacked. Sad to say, such warnings fall on deaf ears. Try searching for how to hack security cameras and you would be greeted by hundreds of results. Mashable.com even reported an example of such events where the kids’ bedroom was streamed live by hackers to the Internet. In the case of a physical security guard, his presence alone is sufficient to send shivers down the spine of even the most seasoned intruder.

Installing an integrated security system in your company’s premises is a good idea, provided they serve only as a complement to your existing security force. After all, a well-trained security officer thinks faster than any computer-controlled device. As such, your company is very much protected.