3 Ways You Can Integrate Your Branding into Your Corporate Website

Concept of Digital MarketingWhen it comes to digital marketing, you will need to use different platforms to get your message across. There are social media, blogs, and of course, your corporate website. Your corporate website is an important digital marketing element, as it is the central hub of all your assets online.

Knowing such, it is important that your branding is properly integrated into your website. Providers of web design in CT say that this should not be difficult, especially if you have a style guide. If you are looking for a more streamlined set of processes, here are some tips that you may want to keep in mind:


Colors are the first brand indicator that you should first incorporate into your website. Your brand color should be dominant, but does not overpower the rest of the web elements. To make interesting contrasts, you may want to complement it with other shades. All you need is to make sure they are not the colors used by your competitors.


What’s the typeface of your logo? Whether your brand is a logotype or logomark, the typeface you used for it should appear on your website. In case it is too stylistic, you may want to use it as headers and complement the typeface with another simple and legible typeface. Determine whether you are going to use a serif or sans-serif typeface, as each of them has conveyed a specific vibe or feel.


There is no one speaking on your website, but you need to make sure that the voice of your brand is heard. This can be conveyed through the way the content is written. To give your brand a more tangible appearance, you may want to complement the voice with a mascot or icon.

Branding your website takes a lot of hard work. If things are getting quite demanding, you may want to work with branding agency or web design provider.