4 Things to Take Note of When Choosing Office Chairs

An average employee spends at least five hours a day sitting on their office chair. This is the main reason people gain at least 14lbs whenever they enter the workforce. Aside from weight gain, sitting (or improperly doing so) can also cause various conditions of the spine.

Thus, having the right office chair is important not only to increase productivity, but to promote one’s health. Whether you’re considering to buy your office chairs online or at a store, onlineofficefurniture.com lists some things to keep in mind before making that purchase:

Lumbar support

This is the most important feature your chair should have. A good office chair should have a lumbar support designed for your lower back. Better chairs would even have adjustable lumbar support to customize the fit to the person using the chair. Lumbar support is important as it allows the back to relax and prevent back pains from becoming chronic conditions.


The chair height affects the level of comfort when one is working. Aside from the height and angle, seat width and depth should also be easily maneuvered for more comfort.

Back and armrest

Ideally, the elbow should be bent at 90 degrees for optimum comfort. Therefore, having an armrest is an important feature of an office chair. The backrest should at least be 12 to 19 inches wide and should be able to support the natural curve of the spine. Again, proper lumbar or lower back support should be emphasized.


There should be enough padding on the seat and backrest to make it comfortable for the person using it. Armrests are usually made of soft but durable materials to help relieve tension off the arms.

Office chairs are more than just commodities that people need to have in their workplace. These are tools that help promote not only employee productivity but also health and safety. Therefore, choose your office chairs wisely.