Black Wood Design Group is one of New York City’s top interior design and architecture publications, which helps homemakers, architects, Interior Designers, and DIY-ers find the right balance between classic and modern designs.

As a premier source of innovations in space designs, our goal is to give every interior design enthusiast full access to the latest industry news and updates.

Because we know that every great design comes from an inspiration, we make it our mission to feature only the best and most thought-provoking interior construction and builds imaginable. Our primary objective is to become the go-to hub of building experts and designers and inspire excellence in collaborative projects.

What You Can Expect

At Black Wood Design Group, we understand that what inspires the creative mind are new and challenging ideas. That’s why we provide fresh perspectives by combining both old and modern design elements to create a brand new one.

By browsing our publication, you’ll have access to information about the following:

  • Guides to a responsible design process
  • Privacy and protection of personal spaces
  • Timeless, sustainable, and efficient personal designs
  • Environment-friendly product designs, aesthetics, and durability
  • Proven and trusted manufacturers and contractors for design implementation
  • Design project management, professionalism, and integral values

Our Promise

Every part of our publication tells a story. Black Wood Design provides highly crafted visual indulgence and diverse design ideas to keep you updated about the industry.

The possibilities in architecture and interior design are endless. Let us be your guide.