Arranged and Stacked: Your Warehouse Racking Systems

Warehouse Racking Systems Companies with products to sell certainly have warehouses and other storage facilities where the products and product materials are kept. You may have one or several storage facilities of your own for your company.

Racking Systems

When it comes to storage, of course, you will need storage systems to store everything in your warehouse. Now, there are several types of storage systems that you can put in place inside your warehouse. Pallet racking is the most common system.

Single Row

Under pallet racking, there are still several different types with their own functions and purposes. One type is selective pallet racking, says Shelving Shop Group, which is widely used by many warehouses. It is easy to install, and you get to easily access everything that you store. It is also considered the most cost-effective type of racking available. When you want a rack two rows deep, you can choose double deep racking instead.

Double Row

Another type is cantilever racking. When you have long items such as steel rods piping, timber, and others of the sort, cantilever racking has arms to designed to hold long items. The arms are attached to several connected columns.

High Density

When you need high-density storage, and you want more storage capacity, you can install drive-in racking. You will need a forklift truck to store your goods, but this type is low cost. You will also be able to maximise floor space in your warehouse with this type.

Maximised Floor

A fifth type you can choose is narrow aisle racking. As fairly obvious with the term, narrow aisle racking is basically selective racking with narrow aisles. You also get taller racking systems than the common racking height. Narrow aisle racking is best in maximizing the storage space in your warehouse, no matter how big or small the building is.

You can choose the racking system for your warehouse depending on the floor space, the number of goods to be stored, as well as your budget. You can even mix and match racking systems if you want or need to.