Black Wood Design Group is one of the premier publications in the architecture and interior design industry based in New York City. As an online magazine, we attract a wide variety of enthusiasts around the world. We help different professionals design projects and products and learn all about the set standards of excellence in the industry.

We bring the industry to new heights by providing relevant content like no other publication has ever done before. Our coverage includes both residential and commercial space designs.

Our publication covers the following:

  • Workplace interior design
  • Retail property design coherence
  • Hospitality trends and interior makeup
  • Healthcare structures
  • Civic and public places
  • Performing arts environments and cultural designs
  • Commercial interior products
  • Technical builds and constructions
  • Related Events and gatherings
  • New turnkey industry profiles
  • Lead designers

With dedication and a purpose-driven focus, Black Wood Design Group appeals to interiors designers, architects, design enthusiasts, and other industry professionals. Instead of quickly dismissing outdated concepts of traditional design, we reimagine them and share our ideas with you.

The sooner you start browsing our website, the faster you can gain the design inspiration you need.