Found It: Do You Have the Right Search Function?

Website Visitor When users encounter a complicated website, a search bar can be a lifesaver. A home page search function allows them to find what they are looking for, eliminating the need for browsing several pages. This also helps them get relief when they are lost or stuck in the navigation. The site’s search function is beneficial in providing an immediate escape when users can’t find a reasonable page to go next.

The Common Appearance

In general, the search function should be a box and wide enough to hold a typical query. Coforge Marketing and other New York web design experts note that if the search is a link or is too small, this will annoy users, which then leads to diminished usability. It is also important that users find better results at the first search. This is because studies suggest that people usually give up when they can’t find what they are looking for in the first try.

Get it Right with Advanced Search

The common issue for websites is that some offer advanced search right in the home page. This may trouble users, as many of them invariably used this function wrong. An ideal strategy is to have a simple search on the home page that can handle short queries and still produce good results. An advanced search, for the most part, can be offered as an option as something that users can link to from the page results. Many use “Can’t find you’re looking for? Try an advanced search.”

Optimize the Results

As many users don’t get past beyond the first page of query results, you need to optimize your results in the most useful way possible, that all relevant and better hits appear on the first try. You can search for the most common queries in your search engine logs to know the ideal landing page for every search. A web design expert can help you create a search function that will benefit users.

Don’t let your complex web design confuse visitors. If possible, incorporate to some changes in its layout or include a helpful search bar that offers quality results. Get help from experts to make this function simple, visible, and useful.