Innovation and Marketing: What Every Business Needs

Competition among different businesses around the world is commonly dominated by those who arrived first. Innovation is a huge factor in marketing success. This factor is why the most recognizable brands around the world are usually the most successful. They succeeded in making their brands popular enough that their products have become household names.

These days, the new age of marketing has seen the rise of search engine optimizations (SEO) services in Denver, CO and other U.S. cities. Technology, innovation, and marketing all combine in this new era of business marketing.

Innovation and marketing

Even if a brand was the first, it does not become as successful as others that come after it. For example, Nike was unknown when Puma and Adidas were already dominant brands in shoes and athletics. Now, Nike is one of the biggest brands in the world, with hundreds – if not thousands – of other brands struggling to keep up.

What Nike did was not only make quality shoes. What it did was to innovate and convince customers that they are the experts at what they do. Furthermore, it was a stroke of genius when they signed Michael Jordan to endorse their products.

The digital age of marketing

The story of Nike’s success with the help of Michael Jordan came at a time before social media and the dominance of the Internet. Some experts argue whether the Nike/Jordan connection could still be as dominant if it happened today, when there is more exposure for other athletes and their endorsement of different products, from shoes to underwear.

The answer to this question is something we will never find out, but the fact that there is a question only means times have changed. Today, you cannot do without digital marketing if you would like to succeed over the competition. Agencies that offer SEO services in Denver, CO and elsewhere offer not only search engine optimization. They offer a host of services, from guest blogging to paid search campaigns to give their clients an edge over their competitors.

There are at least two lessons here for any entrepreneur. First, make innovations and become an authority in your field. Second, use marketing to your benefit. This combination gave the Nike/Jordan juggernaut the power it still enjoys today. As for newer and smaller businesses, digital marketing could be the factor that separates them from the others.