Is an Open-Plan Office for You?

Open-plan offices continue to dominate buildings in Singapore and across the globe; it seems like the concept is going to be around for a long time. Not only does it have a cheaper design cost, but it also gives workers the freedom to interact with one another.

Despite the opportunity to bounce ideas around with ease, an open-plan office is not suitable for every company. In a study published in Harvard Business Review, office workers in open-plan offices expressed the highest dissatisfaction over the lack of privacy and uncontrollable noise levels, suggesting that certain lines of work won’t benefit much from this kind of design. If your company is currently looking for an office space in Singapore, here are some questions you need to ask yourself to figure out if you should narrow your searches to an open-plan friendly office space.

Does Your Work Require Regular Brainstorming?

If the nature of your company constantly requires your employees to collaborate, open-plan offices can make it physically easy for them to do so. There will be no more barriers in the form of closed doors or a maze of cubicles, after all.

Will Your Workplace Benefit from Constant Employee Interaction?

The absence of cubicle walls makes it easier for employees to interact with each other regularly. The constant intermingling promotes a sense of camaraderie. Workers can share experiences that may make their job more fun and interesting. The openness of the space puts each employee in front of their peers, encouraging transparency and making it easy to informally check in on projects and plans.

Do You Want to Foster a Versatile Office Environment?

It is easy to change up the layout of your office if you do not have walls, dividers and other fixtures to worry and work around. If you need to change the function of a certain space in your office as soon as possible, planning the change would certainly be easier. That’s why open-plan offices are ideal for a dynamic company whose very nature is to thrive on change.

While an open-plan office design has some critics, it has numerous advantages that even giant companies like Google and Microsoft have adopted the concept in their own spaces. If you are not sure if this kind of office setting works for your company, do some more research before making a decision.