Minnesota Travel: Must-Try Experiences

Traveling to Minnesota? The state of the 10,000 Lakes has one of the most robust tourism economies in the country. Every year it spends millions to bring its best attractions to the market.

But why should you settle for the most popular ones like Nickelodeon Universe, Mall of America, or Sea Life Minnesota Aquarium? You can even find an MN Halloween experience such as the frights offered by hauntingexperience.com

When in the state, do not forget these unique experiences:

The Sound of Silence

Do you ever wonder why Simon & Garfunkel meant by the sound of silence? Finally, feed your curiosity by driving down to Southern Minnesota and visit Orfield Laboratories. Known as one of the quietest places on earth, it features an echo-free chamber, which absorbs 99.99 percent sound.

You can hear a pin drop – literally – as well as your heartbeat. A tour here needs an appointment and a guide. No person should stay within the room for a long time.

Hungry? Eat SPAM

SPAM is a staple across the globe, but before it became a processed food superstar, it played a huge role during World War II. Hormel, its makers, sent millions of cans overseas, which then fed the American, British, and Soviet soldiers.

Not only is it tasty, but it is also convenient: it does not require refrigeration and lasts for days.

Nightmares All Year Long

Craving for a fright? One of the MN Halloween attractions is in Cotton Grove. With 30 years of experience in scaring people, the Haunting Experience already knows how to perfect it.

Ride the oldest hayride in the state and then measure your scare meter by following the haunted walking trail beginning in the manor house of terror.

Get the most out of your trip to Minnesota. Add these once-in-a-lifetime experiences to your bucket list, and you will have the grandest time. In fact, you will want more.