Preparing for Goodbyes When a Loved One is Dying

Funeral Ceremony in UtahThere are few things in this world that remain constant. Death is one of them. As an adult, you’ll learn a lot about it on the news, but there’s always going to be a personal one at some point. If your parent or a close relative is about to die, you would eventually need to deal with the preparation of their passing.

Contacting Friends and Family – Once you and your loved one know that there won’t be much time left, it’s time to inform next of kin and anyone closest to them about the inevitable. Send letters, emails, and make phone calls to the people your dying loved one wishes to speak to. Allow them to say their personal farewells in whatever manner they choose.

Funeral Arrangements – If they can handle it, ask them their preferences while they have the chance. Who should be invited? Where should it be held? Funeral services don’t always have to be grim and somber. Try asking for options from your chosen funeral homes and discuss them with your loved ones.

Settling Disputes – The value of settling a conflict is in the emotional, spiritual, and intellectual aspect would mean so much to anyone that has been wronged or have done wrong. Listen to what your dying relative has to say and if they feel the need to confess to a loved one or a religious leader just to ease their minds, then allow them to do so.

The Will – Many unfortunate family disputes happen because of an unwritten will. If your parent or relative hasn’t decided on making their will yet, find a way to ask them politely about it. It’s their business what they do with it and hopefully, it will reduce tension and conflict between family members when it’s finally read.

Times like these require brevity. Don’t wait too long before making these arrangements since it will also give peace of mind to the one who is about to depart. After all, having a say on how their departure is arranged is one way of defeating death.