Riding the Trend: How Businesses Can Benefit from Online Fads

Online fads are steering online marketers for years. They serve as a basis for marketing strategies across industries.

Today’s consumers are so attuned to online fads that they will respond to campaigns echoing viral content and trends. Marketers can develop campaigns that ride on the popularity of current fads and use it to promote their brands.

Combining creative marketing with ranking strategies helps keep your business visible online. This is necessary for converting traffic to revenue, according to specialists at Tell All Digital. Keeping up with online fads will be an advantage for most businesses, but more so for B2C campaigns.

Use Pop Culture

It’s now normal (expected, even) for major brands to align their short-term promotions with the current fad. McDonald’s and 7-11, for example, are notorious for matching their products to hit movies. They print promotional images on beverage cups and make toys and action figures of iconic characters.

Incorporating a fad into your marketing can stop customers in their tracks and encourage them to look closer at what you offer.

Keep People Interested

The tricky part in following fads is that you have to keep people interested. Remember what happened to Pokemon Go. With minimal marketing, the mobile game shot to global success in a matter of days. But not even a month after its launch, daily users and app downloads started to decline – and continue to do so.

According to analysts, Pokemon Go had no problem hooking in users. The problem was keeping them interested. The game was very basic with unexciting features, and players soon got bored.

Avoid falling into this pattern by developing a synergistic marketing and development plan. Make room for adjustments like earlier timelines for product development, if demand makes it necessary. This is how you stay true to your brand even as you follow trends.

Marketing using an online fad is like surfing. Ride the trends as you would a wave, but remain in control of your surfboard. If the wave ends sooner than expected, paddle hard to keep moving forward or else you will capsize.