Signs Your Neighborhood’s Property Value Is Increasing

a miniature house model, gold coins and plantAre you planning to sell your house? If so, you might want to wait until the market is right and prices are high to make the most profit.

One of the factors that affect your home’s value is your neighborhood. Keep an eye out for the following factors, which could likely indicate that the prices of properties in your area are on the upswing.

Development of shopping and business centers

Real estate investing companies such as agree that one of the signs that a neighborhood is about to boom is the development of business and commercial centers in or near it. This means that developers see the potential of the area and are willing to invest. These developments may attract new residents, including those looking for jobs, which may entice realtors, agents and property owners to start buying or selling properties.

Rise of luxury homes

Another indicator that a neighborhood’s property value is on the upswing is the appearance of luxury homes and condominiums. You will not see much of these types of properties in poor or even middle-class areas. That is why seeing them under construction or finished is a good sign for those who want to sell their homes.

Affordability index

If you want a numbers-based approach to determine an upswing in property value, monitor the affordability index. The latter measures the financial capacity of a typical family to get a mortgage for a house in a neighborhood. A lower index signifies that housing is expensive and unaffordable to most, while a higher one indicates the affordability of homes.

These are some of the indicators that enable you to determine if your neighborhood’s property value is about to increase or is already increasing. Monitor these to allow you to make an informed choice of whether to sell your house or keep it.