Sleeping Beauties: What to Look for in a Sleeping Mat

It is important for a child to exercise, eat healthy food, and have the proper amount of rest. Sleep time whether in a kindergarten, daycare or any childcare environment, is crucial for a child’s growth. To guarantee that your child rests comfortably during nap time, Play’n’Learn explains that it is imperative you take into consideration the following things when purchasing a kindergarten sleeping mat.

Portable and easy to store

The mat should be easy to carry to make things easier for everyone. Invest in a mat that is portable and easy to transport. It is as well advisable you get a nap mat that your child can easily fold and store.

Some mats can be fold-able, while others are stackable. Sleeping cots are more expensive than mats, but are relatively more comfortable for children.

Comfortable mat

A comfortable mat will help your child sleep better in the kindergarten. This will revitalise them for the remainder of their time in the centre. You should choose a mat that is comfortable but light and portable. Consider also the material it used so that the children will not develop allergies.

Durable and easy to wash

Choose a mat that is durable and easy to wash. It is advisable that you purchase a sleeping mat for children that is resistant to dust and stains. Make sure that the mats are sealed for hygiene.

Safety, most of all

Always ask if the sleeping mats are made of flame-retardant materials.  If the centre chooses a cot, ask if these are made of poly/nylon materials and have rounded corners.

Kindergarten nap mats are very important for any early-childhood learning facility. They provide children with the necessary sleep they need in the day, while also giving them a sense privacy and personal space.