Sport Fan Suggestions for Watching Your First Game at a Stadium

Sports Fan If you’re a sports fan, watching a game in a stadium should be part of your bucket list. True, there are perks to watching the game in your living room or in a sports pub, but that gives a totally different experience.

Here are vital reminders for the first timer:

Reserve Early – The early bird catches the worm and the best games too. True you can easily go to the stadium on the day itself and purchase tickets. However, for the really popular teams and games can easily be filled to capacity. It becomes especially regrettable if you’re celebrating a special occasion or have your family with you.

Choose Your Seats – When choosing your seat, factor in your reasons for watching the game. If you’re more into gameplay, best that you go for a central location and a bit high up to watch the formations. If you prefer to see the players up close because you’re a fan, then find AFL Eagles tickets that place you and your friends nearer the playing field.

Pack if Possible – For those who prefer to be prepared, pack your provisions in a sturdy backpack. Water, nuts, fruits, power bars, bread and other snacks are perfect to bring along. Avoid any alcoholic drinks since most stadiums don’t allow those inside. Bring a coat, an umbrella, a cap or hat, shades and your team’s colours to wave around.

Enjoy Yourself – The stadium will be filled with energetic, enthusiastic and excited fans. Enjoy the noise. That’s everyone cheering their team on, so they get keyed up for the game. Enjoy the people; they are fellow fans like you and you can bond with them while watching. Enjoy the atmosphere; you can’t find that kind of thrill sitting at home watching in front of the telly.

Many may regret the prices of tickets, but many have sworn to how wonderful the experience is. Don’t just listen to the stories of your friends who dared sit in the bleachers. Try it out yourself and you might find yourself coming back.