Temp Work for Celebrity Lovers and Wannabes

Female CelebrityFor celebrity lovers, a temporary job may not seem like an attractive prospect. How do you expect a short stint as an office worker to get you closer to being in the same circle as your favourite stars? A telemarketer job cannot possibly turn you into a star yourself, right?

Compared to a casting call, a temp job seems totally unrelated to reaching your dreams of being a celebrity. But of course, this depends on what kind of temp work you will take. Here are some that may get you on your way to Hollywood.

Casting Assistant

A job within your chosen field may be your stepping stone into the industry. As a casting assistant, you will be working with renowned directors and more than a few aspiring performers. You can expect to see glamour, but you should also prepare for tough days at work.

As an assistant, expect to run a lot of errands, from making phone calls to looking for props and helping out with costumes and equipment. You will encounter people who are just starting out, like you. Take the opportunity to make friends at work, regardless of their position. You may bump into them again someday.

Online Writer

Writing about celebrities can jumpstart a career as an entertainment writer or Hollywood insider. You may be writing for a little-known website now, but that can serve as initial training and a stepping stone towards a full-time job. With temps, you are after the experience. If you are working as a writer, you use it to fine-tune your skill and learn what you can about the industry.

Anything Available

If you are relocating, working a temp job is inevitable, and you cannot be picky. Even if you are not, there is no guarantee that you will land a position immediately, so you may as well accept whatever is available.

You may think that a job folding GAP shirts has nothing to do with stardom, but that is how Kanye West started out. West and Hollywood A-listers like Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt had short stints working less than stellar jobs before making it to the big screen, with the Pirates of the Carribean actor selling ballpoint pens for a short time years ago.

A temp job is not forever, and that is why you should make the most of it. With the right mindset, hard work and a stroke of luck, you can be on your way to celebrity status, becoming a star in your own right.