The Brand-Building Influence of Social Media Contests

Building buzz around your brand requires capitalizing on the power of social media and its expansive reach. Having a page that pumps out daily informational posts and the mandatory promotional push isn’t enough, though. What excites users and provides a way to connect to them better are contests and giveaways. Who doesn’t want free stuff, right?

The idea behind a social media contest is to increase engagement with existing customers and attract new ones through its unique mechanics. Seoriot knows that by giving away valuable stuff to your audience, they’ll reward you with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media attention.

To kick off your social media contest, pay attention to these fundamentals.

Specify Your Goal

Likes aren’t the primary purpose of a social media contest. More important objectives should be a little more specific, with the attention funneling towards fulfilling a purpose like collecting user-generated content, cultivating brand advocates, converting users into leads, promoting a new product/service, or pooling user feedback.

The Prize

Your prize should be relevant to your brand, something that users can obtain exclusively through you. Not only does this attract participants, but it also attracts the right participants, creating valuable leads for your marketing efforts.

Promote Like There’s No Tomorrow

Get the word out as much as you can. There’s no use in a contest that no one’s heard of, and it’s your chance to leverage the power of social media to your advantage. Use mechanics like a countdown to create urgency in your target audience, motivating them to participate in your contest.

Announce Your Winner

Remember to be transparent in your contest rules, including details of how you choose your winners (lottery, a panel of judges, etc.), and the criteria/qualifications for participants. Clarify the manner with which you will announce and contact the winner, and how they can claim their prize. Don’t forget to get in touch with all who participated – they’re still valuable leads.