The Power of the Unique Selling Proposition

Unique Selling PropositionIs your brand recognisable when someone sees it? Can someone associate certain items with your products? If the answer to these questions is a resounding yes, then you did an excellent job of creating a unique selling proposition (USP)

However, if the answers are lukewarm, then you better start working on making one.

The Power of the USP

A PR company in Melbourne, Sphere, cites that the unique selling proposition is your differentiation against the competition. Establishing one creates a positive domino effect in your organisation. Once you set this down in black and white, the different branches of your company have a blueprint to follow. This also enables your marketing team to create well-crafted copy and advertising materials that display the benefits of using your offerings. Having a USP also enables your product development team to focus on the selling point of the company and the end users. This allows them to create products that customers will like and will benefit from.

A unique selling proposition makes you easy to remember and associate with certain catchphrases and items. Brand recognition is important to the success of your campaign. A focused USP allows you to achieve this.

Make One that Sticks

The USP is very important that is why knowing the elements of a great one will help you succeed. When crafting one, be specific about the products’ or services’ advantages to end users. The clearer the definition is, the easier it is for them to understand it and determine if they need it.

Define how different you are from the competition; stating this in the USP allows you to establish strong branding. Clearly defining your uniqueness sets you apart immediately and makes your name recognisable. Keep the unique selling proposition short, doing so allows your customers, current and potential, to remember your company and the benefits your products offer.