The Rules of Typography for Effective Design

Web Design On MonitorTypography is the art of arranging typefaces, and it's much more than making sentences and paragraphs legible on a page. The font you choose affects the layout, color scheme, design, and even the grid of your page. It can even make or break an entire website. As such, choosing the right one is important. Understand the following rules to make the right choice:


An expert on website design in Utah noted that typefaces are not equal — some are wide and fat, while others are narrow and thinner. This means that when you choose a certain font, it will take up a bigger or smaller space than if you chose a different one. 

The general rule is to choose fonts that have similar height. The width of characters is its "set width" and this spans the body of the letter and the space between the other letters. It’s important to choose fonts that have similar width, height, and buffer space, so that sentences are easier to read and flow.


The leading is the vertical space between the lines of type. To make the body of your article legible, the rule is that the leading value must be higher than the size of the font. The approximate numbers are around 1.25 to 1.5 times greater. This measurement makes sure that visitors can read your text comfortably. This can make or break their experience with your website and positively or negatively affect the conversion rate.

Tracking and Kerning

Kerning is the way a designer adjusts the space between the characters to create a good pairing. An example would be where the uppercase letters of A and V meet, the diagonal strokes of both letter kern a certain way, making the top left of the V is just above the bottom right side of A. Kerning is quite similar to tracking, but the latter is about the even application and spacing of characters.

Understanding some of these typography rules allows you to select the right one for your website. These are small details that make a big difference to the look or even the conversion rate of your site.