The Sweet Surprise: Simple Ways to Show You Care

Dating coupleModern technology has allowed us to get in touch with people through the internet. It is easier for us to communicate with friends and family through Facebook and Twitter. Dating applications such as Tinder has allowed us to meet new people online. Ironically, this has lessened our genuine connection with one another. Nowadays, most of us spend a lot of time behind computers and mobile phones. Talking face-to-face with one other is becoming rare. Date nights used to consist of good dinner and great conversations. Now, going out on dates involve posing for pictures that look forced and staged. Men should not get caught up in the technology trap. Here are simple, but effective ways to make your woman feel loved and special.

1. Sing A Song

There is something vulnerable and soul-bearing in singing a song to your woman. It is wise to pick a song with lyrics that deeply speak to you. Singing it with feelings will feel second nature as you connect to the song’s message on a personal level. Find a quiet place, hold her hand, and croon in the best way you can. You don’t have to be a Sinatra to serenade her and make her swoon. The effort you put alone will make her appreciate it.

2. Write an Old Timey Letter

Sure, you constantly send her sweet chat messages to tell her how much she means to you. Yes, these make her smile, but she would soon forget these chat messages in an instant. Make a lasting manifesto of your love by writing her a love letter. Not through Microsoft Word, but by your actual handwriting. There is nothing sweeter than a love letter as it demands that you sit down and think about this one person and one person alone. Want to make it extra special? Send it via courier. Choose a dependable Ottawa courier service as you don’t want your letter to get lost in transit.

3. Cook Her Breakfast

She’d have sugar rush when you prepare breakfast for her. No need for anything fancy. Toast and eggs are excellent, just be sure that you wake up early to make breakfast. Do you live far apart? You can use a reliable Ottawa courier service to deliver your love food at her doorstep. Nothing will be brighter than her smile when you pull this off.

Always make sure to show how much you appreciate your woman. Avoid being lazy by sending her a simple sweet Facebook post or private message. That would not be effective at all. Make her feel loved by putting in some effort to your gesture.