The Two Important, Yet Forgotten Features of a High-Conversion Homepage

Improving the conversion power of your site does not mean creating a striking homepage that will get the praise and admiration of your lead designer. It would be better to go for a more effective alternative, which is to place the user experience at the centre of your website. Make the most of your website traffic by prioritising these two important features for your homepage.

Your Page Emphasises a UVP

UVP or unique value proposition is the sole largest selling point of your business because new concepts are not that easy to come across anymore. If you already have a good concept, chances are that several like-minded entrepreneurs developing the same idea. This is why you have to find a way to stand out from the rest of the market. Besides the massive, first-rate hero image, employ short, but influential copy on your digital doorway to lure visitors.

Your Page is Directed by User Benefits

Most businesses are aware of this principle, but they have forgotten its importance. These days, the majority of websites provide content driven by features – and this is not similar to benefits. Features are surface testimonials regarding the literal capacities of a service or product. Meanwhile, benefits are the value brought by the features of the service or product.

It does not matter if the services of your brand are stronger and faster because 90 per cent of every buying decision is emotional. You see, benefits cause meaningful and real conversions, which is why your homepage must replicate this.

It can be challenging to draw website traffic. Thus, do not waste opportunities by welcoming first-time visitors with a poorly created homepage. You can even take that extra mile by focusing more on each of the forgotten and important points listed here. You will thank yourself in a few months’ time.