Three Cost Efficient Office Furniture Designs

Minimalist OfficeA well-planned and effective office design creates a professional image for a company. It is not only impressionable to potential clients, but also an integral part to the overall comfort of its employees. Office interior designs can be costly as elements like furniture and function areas are taken into account. There are, however, ways to design an office that is both cost-effective and space-efficient.

Office furniture suppliers, such as Precept Design, incorporates simple but stylish office equipment that is easily customisable at low costs. Their furniture suits every office need and embodies a “working smart” philosophy.

When it comes to office furniture design, check out these three cost-saving innovations that are gaining popularity in today’s evolving work environment:

1.Modular Office Furniture

Modular office furniture is furniture made up of independent sections that include tables, storage units, space dividers and panels. It is easily customised based on the needs of a workforce. Pieces of this furniture can be easily added, removed or reconfigured. The flexibility of this type of furniture makes it very appealing to businesses that want to minimise expenditures.

2.Collaborative Desks

This is considered a desking system where dividers and cubicle panels are completely removed. As the name suggests, it encourages more collaboration and teamwork from employees. Round tables are the most common types of collaborative desks, perfect for brainstorming and collective learning. This bare-bones type of setup in the office reduces cost as there is no need for fancy desks and chairs.

3.Open-Space Design

This new approach in office design takes a company’s “open door” policy literally. No permanent desk is assigned to anyone – including top management. Employees can work in different areas of the office like pantries and lobbies. The main goal of this design is to remove office hierarchies and promote trust and synergy among employees.

The downside of these cost-efficient furniture designs is the lack of privacy. Unlike traditional cubicled and walled offices, your co-workers are constantly in your face during most of your working hours. On the bright side, you don’t have to worry about furniture blocking your window view.