Top Five Reasons Why New Zealand is One of the Best Countries

In New Zealand, it’s not always about the money. According to the latest World Happiness Report by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network in association with the United Nations, New Zealand ranked as the 8th happiest country in the world. On another report by the Legatum Institute, it’s chosen as one of the best places to live. Here are the top five reasons why:

Early Childhood Education (ECE)

95% of children in New Zealand enjoy quality education funded by the government. With over 4,000 childcare and pre-school facilities in the country, like, so this is not surprising at all. The best part is, they have no tests and formal assignments. They also strive for an environment conducive to learning with play centres, daycare beds, and much more. It’s no surprise why these children will be happy while learning.

Where are the beaches?

New Zealand is well known for its breath-taking sunsets and world-class beaches. Yes, you read that part right. Thousands of tourists come every year to ride the waves. It even has a 90-mile Beach! Well, okay. It’s not 90 miles, only 55. But you get the point.

Strong sense of culture

Culture is an integral part of any society. It gives a country its identity. 15% of New Zealand’s population are indigenous people called the Maori, and their culture has been preserved for more than a thousand years. Some of these are wood carving, weaving, tattooing, and perhaps the most popular of them all, the Kapa Haka dance.

Gender Equality

After being the first country to allow women suffrage or to exercise their right to vote in 1893, gender equality is getting stronger and stronger in New Zealand throughout the years. Be it in education or employment, the gender gap between men and women in New Zealand is among the lowest in the world. In fact, it is the first country to have a female Prime Minister, Governor-General, and Chief Justice all at the same time!

A peace-loving Country

New Zealand is one of the wealthiest countries that do not have nuclear power stations. It will go through a lot of processes to build one since they outlawed nuclear arms and power in the 1980s. How do they protect themselves? They maintain military ties with the United Kingdom.

These are just five reasons why New Zealand is one of the best places. There are other cool reasons which could be more important than anything else in this list. Get ready New Zealand for your visitors!