Weather-tight Aluminium Cladding: What’s In It For You?

Amazing aluminium claddingIn New Zealand, historical homes and contemporary residences alike are leaning towards wearing an external shell of modern cladding. The building envelope that cladding provides makes it the ideal choice for boosting a property’s curb appeal.

Weatherboard homes are undeniably attractive. Even Nu-wall Aluminium Cladding recommends them. More importantly, the outer shell offers additional weatherproofing and installation as well.

The popular alternative

Aluminium is the popular alternative to vinyl cladding and traditional timber treatments. The best ones do not come cheap, but they are extremely reliable. If extreme weather is not a usual feature of the area, then you will not have to worry about the aluminium panels after they have been installed.

Aluminium’s desirable characteristics

In every construction project, you want to be sure that your material of choice will resist the elements and stand the test of time. The smooth horizontal lines of aluminium cladding do not really communicate the strength of the material. It may be lightweight, but good quality aluminium alloy is so tough it is the primary composition of air-planes. It weighs only a third of the weight of steel and is comparatively reliable.

Aside from durability, the 100 percent recyclable metal is also fire-resistant. The metal does not burn, but it will melt at 600- 650 degree Celsius. In addition, aluminium blends well with seaside environments because it resists corrosion due to salt-water and moisture.

What else sets aluminium cladding apart?

Cladding made from aluminium alloy has high thermal insulation properties. Moreover, when you choose aluminium, you have the freedom to add fittings for extra insulation to manage the indoor temperature during cold weather. The cladding design allows for additional modifications underneath to boost the comfort of your home.

Lastly, aluminium cladding only needs maintenance once or twice a year. Just wash it with water and detergent and it will look stunning as the day you had it installed. No matter which direction the weather turns, aluminium will not corrode because it has innate protective coating. So, what more can a home-owner ask for from an amazing weather tight material?