Website Ads: The Death of Your Site and SEO?

SEO StrategyGoogle recently announced its plans to remove AdSense’s three-ads-per-page limit. Their decision, reports the search engine giant, stems from the ‘mobile first strategy’, which reminded them of the desktop’s limits in space and user interaction.

As a result, there are more spaces for ads on the ‘page’. Doesn’t that call for a celebration?

Placing more ads for money is a prevailing thought, but unfortunately, it is a misguided mindset. Not only does it contradict Google’s guidelines, it is also not as sustainable as it looks. In fact, more ads might cost you more money in the long run.

How can this be?

Death by Numbers

When you want the top spot in SEO, says expert C1 Partners, putting more ads on the site seems logical. They add, however, that this isn’t the best long-term decision.

More ads will make more money in the short run, but it will cost your site a lot — think uncompressed image downloads, resource calls and unnecessary scripting. All of these troubles add to your site’s weight, which compromises its quality. The same holds true with ads like Google AdSense loading in the background.

No Bottoms; Just Tops

In 2012, Google introduced the ‘Top Heavy’ algorithm, which prevented sites heavy with ads to rank in the listings. The recent change in AdSense, however, sheds a different light on the pages. Instead of the 3 AdSense units limit per page, the search engine promotes a more negative view on pages with ‘more advertising than publisher-provided content’.

Long story short, pages with unnecessary ads will experience devaluation. If ads overpower your content, watch out.

Struggling Web Crawlers

Ads are potential obstacles, not only for users but also for spiders attempting to crawl the site. Spiders are not big fans of slow processing; they do not enjoy working harder to reach your content. Google’s ‘crawl budget’ reports the amount of resources Google has for site indexing.

The ads themselves are not the issue, but failure to implement these properly will compromise the results.

Ads are helpful, especially for income generation. But as the old saying goes: too much of anything is bad for you. The same applies to your love for ads.