What Business Owners Must Know About the Benefits of SMS Marketing

Benefits of SMS MarketingDid you know that people all over the world send billions of text messages every single day, amounting to trillions of text messages every year? Despite these astronomical numbers, however, businesses prefer email marketing to reach their target audience. Even if consumers actually redeem SMS or text messaging marketing tactics, including special offers, coupons, loyalty programs more frequently than email offers.

While email marketing is undoubtedly effective, when used in combination with a marketing plan for SMS, your business could more efficiently reach your customers and engage them in a more potent, multichannel communication, explains an expert from Singtel Media. Below are key benefits you could gain from text messaging marketing.

SMS Marketing is Simply More Effective

Statistics state that the open rate for SMS offers or promos is significantly higher than the open rate for email offers. A text message could be read in mere minutes, which makes it perfect for the same-day offer and flash sales.

Reach and More Efficiently Engage your Target Audience

The majority of consumers subscribe to mobile campaigns and take great consideration when selecting campaigns. Since consumers typically opt for brands they love when choosing SMS promos, you will be able to market to them more effectively.

Increase Profits and Brand Awareness

Text promos are useful for encouraging consumers to visit your online or physical store. Once they’re browsing your website or physical store, they will see other products that they wouldn’t have noticed otherwise.

Build a More Genuine Conversation

Because people actually respond to SMS messages and engage with you via a two-way dialogue, you instantly create customer engagement. In turn, this will make your relationship with stronger and build trust for your brand.

Easily Measure the Value of your Ads

With a large number of customer acquisitions through SMS programs, you could monitor where your subscribers are texting in to subscribe, whether through online or in-store ads among others and more easily measure the effectiveness of those specific ads.

Put simply, SMS marketing isn’t just a way to reach your target audience, but is likewise among the most relevant tactics to engage them, enrich your relationship with them, and monitor the effectiveness of your advertising efforts.