Ogden: The Most Affordable Place in Utah for Homebuyers

Couple holding a house miniatureBuying a home in the Ogden-Clearfield area is the best option if you’re looking to save on costs or have a limited budget, according to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).

The NAHB’s Housing Opportunity Index in the last quarter of 2016 showed that despite price increases, almost 84% of new and existing properties sold in that three-month period were considered to be budget-friendly among households that earn $73,000.

Affordable Housing

NAHB Chief Economist Robert Dietz said that homes are generally affordable across the U.S. and even if mortgage rates are on the rise, salaries are also increasing that helps in offsetting this. His statement aligns with experts’ forecast for housing affordability in 2017, which projected that interest rates are expected to increase below 5%, while income should grow by 3%.

However, demand for homes will continue to outpace supply. This will eventually drive home prices upward at up to 7% for detached properties and up to 8% for attached houses, according to the Salt Lake Housing Forecast by University of Utah’s James Wood.

Supporting the Bill

Legislation that would support the development of cheaper homes in Utah gained widespread support among state lawmakers. Gov. Gary Herbert’s signature remains the only missing element before enacting HB36, which aims to provide incentives to property developers and landlords by using debt and enhanced tax credits to help them in lowering rental and leasing rates for properties.

Bonneville Multifamily Capital added that multifamily loans are also an option if you still find it difficult to buy homes in northern Utah or anywhere in the state. Houses in other areas are more costly, but they still cost less than the average price for a house nationwide.

As Utah strives to make housing more affordable, you should get the most out of certain financing options while market conditions remain favorable.

Help Keep Your Floors Last a Long Time

Help Your Floors Last a LifetimeBuilding maintenance is not an easy thing. You have to deal with staff problems, how to make work easy for them, the repairs that have to be done, and dirt that accumulates in your building. If you’re working within an establishment that covers a large area, then you have a greater responsibility.

One of the best ways to prevent dirt from accumulating in your building is by installing covered walkway systems. Aside from sheltering everyone from weather elements, they also prevent dirty footprints on your building floors.

Want to know more tips on how you can keep floors at work squeaky clean? Here’s how.

Install Mats along the Entry Way

Mats can prevent snow, sand, and dirt from building up on the floors. You should have them installed along the entryway to act as the floor’s first defence against dirt. It can capture dirt, even before your feet touches the floors.

Mats can also prolong your floor’s shine, especially in areas where people enter and exit. In these areas, you should install mats inside and outside the entryway.

Repair Defects on the Floors

Breaks and cracks can develop on floors that have linoleum, tiles, and other hard flooring materials. Dirt can become trapped underneath and cause such defects in the floor, which can further damage nearby tiles. Before you know it, you’re facing a major floor repair.

Prevent this from happening by regularly checking for cracks on your floors, no matter how small they are. If there are cracks, repair them as soon as possible.

Regularly Clean Your Carpets

When an old building smells like an old carpet, it’s usually because the carpeting is not cleaned regularly. Avoid the old building smell by having the carpets in your building cleaned frequently.

Install Walkways

Lastly, Kensington Systems Ltd suggests that you contact a reputable contractor to build covered walkway systems outside your building. Staff and visitors to your building can prevent their feet from getting wet during rainy days and winter, thus preventing muddy and dirty floors.

There are ways to ensure that your property’s floors will last a long time. It just takes a bit of effort and information to keep them as durable as the land they’re built on.

Real Hair Extensions: Instant Natural Mane

Hair Extensions Longing for long, thick locks but frustrated by how slow your hair grows? Don’t worry because you can now instantly add volume, thickness, and length to your hair with hair extensions. You only need to learn how to choose from the many kinds available. Anchante Hair advises the following to make sure that your instant long locks are the best human hair extensions you can afford.

Do your research.

Choosing the best real hair extensions requires doing some homework. You should learn about hair extension options such as virgin hair, Remy hair, Brazilian hair, European hair, Indian hair, among others. Learn about the real forms of these different types of extensions and their alternatives, and make an informed choice.

Match your hair color.

Many people buying extensions fail to get the right hair color. You should always compare the hair extension’s color to your natural hair color until you find a perfect match. You could also choose dual-blended or tri-blended colors so your hair is not one-dimensional.

Match the texture.

Pay attention to hair texture to ensure your extension perfectly blends with your natural hair. Each type of extension is suitable for particular hair textures. For example, if your hair is a bit thick, you should consider Indian hair or Chinese hair, as these are thicker and coarser than most natural hair extension types.

Consider your desired length and the occasion.

Sort your priorities before you go shopping for human hair extensions. What length of hair suits you? Where and when do you intend to wear your real hair extensions? Accordingly, choose short extensions if you like having short hair and vice versa. Also, imagine the all the occasions you will be showcasing your fabulous hair and choose accordingly.

Real hair extensions can give you a new crowning glory. They can improve your hair’s density and appearance to give you the look you’ve always wanted. Choose the right extensions and pay particular attention to the color and texture to ensure your hair looks as natural as possible.

The Rules of Typography for Effective Design

Web Design On MonitorTypography is the art of arranging typefaces, and it's much more than making sentences and paragraphs legible on a page. The font you choose affects the layout, color scheme, design, and even the grid of your page. It can even make or break an entire website. As such, choosing the right one is important. Understand the following rules to make the right choice:


An expert on website design in Utah noted that typefaces are not equal — some are wide and fat, while others are narrow and thinner. This means that when you choose a certain font, it will take up a bigger or smaller space than if you chose a different one. 

The general rule is to choose fonts that have similar height. The width of characters is its "set width" and this spans the body of the letter and the space between the other letters. It’s important to choose fonts that have similar width, height, and buffer space, so that sentences are easier to read and flow.


The leading is the vertical space between the lines of type. To make the body of your article legible, the rule is that the leading value must be higher than the size of the font. The approximate numbers are around 1.25 to 1.5 times greater. This measurement makes sure that visitors can read your text comfortably. This can make or break their experience with your website and positively or negatively affect the conversion rate.

Tracking and Kerning

Kerning is the way a designer adjusts the space between the characters to create a good pairing. An example would be where the uppercase letters of A and V meet, the diagonal strokes of both letter kern a certain way, making the top left of the V is just above the bottom right side of A. Kerning is quite similar to tracking, but the latter is about the even application and spacing of characters.

Understanding some of these typography rules allows you to select the right one for your website. These are small details that make a big difference to the look or even the conversion rate of your site.

Beating Stereotypes: The Green, Green Grass of Home Works for the City Too

Green Spaces

Green Spaces

When you think of a city, the stereotype is that of imposing concrete jungles — busy streets and grey sidewalks with only steel and concrete as far as the eye can see. For some people, the lack of greenery can be rather depressing and contribute to the stress of everyday living.

Upcoming mega development Paya Lebar Quarter has demonstrated a deep level of understanding towards the importance of green spaces. From its ambitious design plans, it is clear that the developers recognise that a dose of green is highly beneficial to a healthy lifestyle. They have made sure that open green spaces are generously weaved into its design elements.

We need open green spaces — they are attractive, easy on the eyes and play a crucial role in relieving stress and promoting feelings of wellness. This is why gardens and balconies are so sought after when buying a home — people want to have a bit of the outdoors to call their own.

Greenery and Urban Spaces

More urban developers are realising that green spaces should not be limited to the home. Urban spaces benefit from a bit of greenery as it greatly improves the city’s environment. Cities with large parks and open spaces have marked health benefits — it encourages people to leave their homes and exercise. Green spaces provide people with a place to run, cycle, take a walk or enjoy a sunny afternoon with their loved ones.

Green spaces also have a positive effect on the mental wellbeing of city dwellers. It makes them feel more relaxed and at ease. In fact, cities with large parks and many trees report higher levels of satisfaction and happiness.

Beneficial for the Environment

Green urban spaces are not only beneficial to the people living in cities, but to the environment too. Grass, trees and other greens can recharge groundwater supplies and produce oxygen. They have the ability to filter out pollution — both particulate matter and noise pollution.

Green spaces also provide a refuge for small animals, and it is common to see birds, insects and other animals take up residence in the city park.

Green spaces should not be limited to the home — it is the perfect addition to cities because of its many benefits.

Affordable Housing: A Look at FHA Section 223(a) (7) Loans

Affordable Housing Multifamily residential buildings provide affordable housing to families. They are one of the most common forms of apartment buildings in the country and allow inhabitants to live comfortably at reasonable rental rates.

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) introduced FHA sec 223(a) (7) loan to keep multifamily properties affordable.

Since a large number of multifamily real estate loans include a balloon payment after five or more years, it may be advantageous for the property owner to get refinancing with the  FHA 223(a)(7) loan. A balloon payment refers to a large payment at the end of a commercial loan, and is typically used to pay the outstanding balance.

Reducing Interest Rate

For multifamily homes, it is important to reduce the interest rate of the loan so that you can keep renting them out at affordable rates. FHA 223(a) (7) may reduce this interest rate and increase the property’s amortization, or repayment. It also improves the property’s cash flow.

This type of loan has a maximum term of 12 years, but must not exceed the original term. While there are a few exceptions depending on the economic life of the property, this specific FHA loan is limited to the length of the original term.

The FHA 223(a) (7) is exclusively available to multifamily homes that are already qualified for an FHA loan, namely the 223 (f) and 221(d) (4) loans.

Streamlined Process

Though only a few people qualify for FHA 223(a) (7) loan, it is one of the easiest and most affordable types of financing programs available to multifamily properties. On average, you can complete this transaction in three months, though it will vary depending on each case.

Other than having an existing FHA loan, applicants must also complete all major repairs before closing, while non-critical repairs must be completed within the year of closing.

What Makes a Great Website: Three Key Concepts

Web Design It’s a requisite for businesses to have an online presence. SNS accounts and websites being, of course, the most common.

So, what should you do to make sure your site stands out and is noticed? Look at the following concepts that you should focus on for your Denver business’s web design.

Responsive design

Before, browsing on websites was exclusive to PCs, but in the recent years, more and more people are browsing on tablets, phones, and other similar devices. As such, it is important for websites to have a responsive design. It’s important that whatever device a user might be using, they’ll be able to easily understand and navigate your site.


Forget elaborate and focus instead on a clean, minimalist, and functional design that is easy to navigate. Structure your website to ensure a logical flow; a well-designed site should allow users to find any information they need quickly and easily. Try the F layout for your webpage. Simply put, this means ensuring that the design and content can be read from left to right and from top to bottom.

Also, make sure that your pages don’t take too long to load. Users often leave a site when it takes too much time to load and view.


Aside from design, you also need to have good content. Remember, users came to your site for relevant content and you should make sure that your site delivers. Like your site’s design, it should be clear, easy, and to the point. Proofread your content and ensure that there are no typos or anything irrelevant.

Also, make it easy for users to find you online by putting keywords relevant to your business in your pages, headings, content, Meta tags, and the like. Employ SEO techniques to make sure your content will help generate traffic to your site.

Lastly, just get to it! Look at your site with a critical and objective eye and revamp it with these key concepts.


Grow Your Business with Direct Response Marketing

direct response marketingMaking people familiar with your product is not an easy feat. Running a business goes beyond using a single marketing strategy. This article discusses one of the most effective forms of product marketing that even small businesses can take advantage of— a strategy known as direct response marketing.

Utilising direct response marketing

Do your research

With thorough research and referrals, thecoalshed believes you can easily find a company that can help you produce instant business leads to make your business succeed. The ideal company should be able to provide you with a successful direct response TV strategy and utilise other forms of direct marketing strategy to help you make a bigger return on investment.

Go big

You should have a clear goal on things you want your marketing plan to achieve. If you choose a direct response, you should have big goals in mind that aim to create national brand recognition. Achieving this goal means you have a successful direct marketing strategy in place.

Types of direct response marketing

Direct mail

Mail have always been an effective way to get messages to people. It can also increase client engagement with your brand. If executed properly, direct mail is a powerful direct marketing strategy as it connects your brand to a wider target audience.

Direct response advertisement

The goal of direct response advertising is to provide a convenient way for shoppers to receive information about the products they want to buy through ads. Television ads where customers can place their orders are the most common form of direct response advertising.

With the right professional help, direct response marketing has the power to make your business grow and increase customer awareness for your brand. Just make sure you have a clear strategy and goals in mind to guide you better through the process.

3 Ideas for Businesses You Can Start at Home

Graphic Artist in AustraliaThe number of people who are choosing to stay at home instead of going to a regular office or some other workplace to make a living is growing. The reasons may differ:

  • To stay closer to family and take care of kids or elderly loved ones
  • To avoid traffic
  • To save on the commute
  • To avoid public transportation if you do not have your own car
  • Medical reasons or physical disabilities and limitations
  • To avoid other people (some cannot handle crowds or public places)
  • Living in a place too far from any job you like or are qualified for

Whatever your reason for not wanting to literally ‘go to work’ any more, there is nothing to stop you from working at home. Some jobs are better done in a formal workspace, but many jobs can be done at home; some can be done practically anywhere. Here are some ideas:

Nail Salon

This is a good business to start at home. It is advisable to have a separate salon area. Even your garage is a good candidate. If you have the money, converting or building something into a real salon on your property is even better. As you can get wholesale nail supplies any time through online stores in Australia, you do not have to leave home to buy what you need to start your business.

Graphic Artist

Many graphic designers and artists already work from home. Now that the Internet has become a powerful marketing tool, there is no reason you should not consider this career if you have the talent. Even if you work only with computers, it is easier to set up your work area. One small nook with a door you can lock so you can focus is all you need. Of course, you will need a capable computer and fast Internet access. Be sure to build a website so clients can easily find you.

Neighbourhood Pub

You can do this business at home if the local council and your homeowners’ association allow this set up in your neighbourhood. You do not need a large place; you can convert your garage or your shed into a tiny pub. The appeal is in the ‘tininess’, simplicity and friendliness of your bar.

There are so many options when you do not want to leave home just to operate a business. Besides, if others can be successful doing it, so can you. It just takes determination and hard work.

Making Money Out of Scrap Metals: A Complete Guide

Scrap MetalIt is easy to sell scrap metal. Getting the best price, however, can be tricky when you don’t know anything about what you’re doing. A simple step in identifying what, when, and where to sell it can make the deal much more profitable.

To become more knowledgeable in this trade, you must learn a few tips on what factors will matter most upon selling it.

Track Every Single Metal You HaveHere’s a quick look at the basics of scrap metal recycling:

Scrap metal tends to pile up quickly as compared to other types of recyclables. To avoid the overwhelming experience of scrap collection, you must create an organised inventory list of metals you already possess. Separate non-ferrous from ferrous because they differ in terms of price value. Knowing what exactly you have can become a powerful bargaining tool for your future transactions.

Group Scraps Based on Their Value

As mentioned earlier, scrap metal can be classified into two categories – ferrous (magnetic) and non-ferrous (non-magnetic). Learning the difference between the two can greatly influence the profit you’ll get out of your scraps. Generally, non-ferrous metals are more valuable due to its unique property. Also, these materials, such as gold, aluminium, and copper scrap metal, can be reused in a number of applications for many industries, says McCamish Metals.

Wait for the Right Time

Just like any goods in the market, metal value also fluctuates depending on a number of things. It may be due to demand, scarcity, weather, import and export trade. You may refer to a number of resources online to be updated about the latest trends in the market.

Don’t Keep It for Long

Unlike vintage items, the value of scrap metal depreciates as time passes by. This is due to its unique qualities, which is why you can’t keep them for long. Waiting can be tough, so if you think you’re okay with its current price, then feel free to sell it. Weather conditions, moisture, and other elements play heavily on its assessment so it’s best not to wait too long.

Recycling scrap metals is a good way to dispose of them while you earn money from it. These are the things that will greatly influence the price of your scraps so be sure to read and use them to your own advantage.